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Real Time profit calculation
Have a better understanding of your money
Immediate cost analysis
Show your patients where their money is going
Quickly see yourprofitability
Know exactly what generates the most profit for you
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We strive to help your practice increase profitability.

Optimize Your Optical

Are you earning your maximum from your optical?

Many times we see practices leaving revenue on the table due to not knowing where they can earn the most revenue while at the same time giving their patients the most savings. With Optimize Optical™ Software you’ll never have to unknowingly miss out on potential earnings.

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Allow your optician to know real time the most profitable option for you!

Quickly inputting a few bits of information your optician will see real time what might be the best options available, not only for your patients but also for your practice. Optimize Optical™ Software can efficiently help increase your overall practice profitability.

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Some Optimize Optical™ Software Key Features

Have you ever wanted to know how well your optical is performing? Now you can!

Get Detailed Cost Analysis

Get live, detailed, cost analysis on important items in your optical for quick and easy understanding of your inventory.

  • Patient Cost
  • Insurance Cost
  • Office Cost
  • Overall Value

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Measure profitablity changes

Optimize Optical™ Software gives you the ability to closely monitor your profitability changes real time. We give you the tools that you need to be able to better understand how your optical is performing on a real time basis.

We want you to be able to see exactly how implementing minor changes can change your bottom line!

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Compare to other practices

Only Optimize Optical™ Software gives you the abilit to compare your practice to other practices in real time. See how you stack up against other practices on the Optimize Optical™ Software network.

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Found Revenue

Learn how to improve revenue

Optimize Optical™ Software allows you to see revenue that you could potentially be losing and keep those dollars in your practice.

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Increase Profit

The goal of Optimize Optical™ Software is to help you increase the profit that your optical earns for your practice. We do this by providing you with real time analysis of your optical.

Share results

Optimize Optical™ Software allows you to share the results of your improved performance with a network of users in order to compare how your practice is performing against similar practices.

Unlock earnings

Unlock the earning potential of your optical by getting real time profit calculations that allow you to know exaclty how to make more money per patient.