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What we Do

What will Optimize Optical™ Software Do For Me:

Optimize Optical™ Software is designed to:

  1. Enable you to evaluate your retail pricing for frames, lenses and contact lenses to maximize profitability in these areas
  2. Streamline your teams selling process in your optical to ensure the correct frame and lens combination is selected every time in less time even taking into account differences in insurance requirements
  3. Provides a monthly analysis of products sold, profitability, and cost analysis
  4. Creates a summary of each sale that enables the practice to finally know if the insurance companies are paying you correctly and properly reconcile "explanation of benefits"
  5. Generates reports that allow the practice to know what their expected lab bill for each month will be
  6. Increases multiple pair sales by streamlining the pricing and selling process in the optical
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Never before have providers been able to ensure that insurance companies are paying and charging them correctly. Finally a solution to patient needs and provider needs is available. With Optimize Optical™ Software, eye care providers will finally be able to focus on what matters most and leave the business in the hands of the program ensuring that the business will be able to provide for our patients long term.

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