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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Most offices do a rough estimate for their patients on paper or on a preprinted form. Optimize Optical™ Software eliminates this “paper” while giving you immediate information on copays and the best lens for your optician to order for your patient.

Yes. By using Optimize Optical™ Software on every patient, you will have correct data on all aspects of your practice for your metric reports.

Currently the system is setup to automatically calculate patient co-pays and automatically verify insurance remittance for VSP, EyeMed and Humana Vision Care Plan. All other insurances, the system automatically calculates patient co-pays. We are constantly updating and expanding they system to other insurances for the automated insurance remittance.

Yes! You will find that the Reports section of Optimize Optical™ Software is very detailed. You will see that there is numerous reports to pull for you to look over?

You will enter the information into your practice management software as you do currently. Optimize Optical™ Software does not link to Vision Web.

Optimize Optical™ Software is automated. It eliminates errors significantly beyond anything on the market.

Yes! Optimize Optical™ Software makes verifying your payment from the insurance company a breeze. The system knows exactly how much you should receive from the insurance company at the time of sale. You will be able to pull this report at a later date.

Optimize Optical™ Software automatically calculates Usual & Customary fees, Patient Co-pays, and Patient Savings.

Optimize Optical™ Software has increased the Net of practices by an average of $93,500 with the pricing strategies and the automated ordering guidance implemented. In addition, on average, each of these categories has increased by 9% on Capture Rate, 6% multiple sales, 18% on Anti-Reflective, 6% on Photochromatic Lenses, and 8% on Polarized Lenses with Optimize Optical™ Software fully implemented. Each office has increased the percentage of Premium Progressives (Category N & O Progressive Lenses with VSP for example) and Premium Anti-Reflective (Category D Anti-Reflective with VSP for example) with Optimize Optical™ Software fully implemented. The patient experience has also improved based on surveys on patients before and after Optimize Optical™ Software fully implemented.

So, to answer the question, we have seen the value of Optimize Optical™ Software in almost every aspect of our practices.

Optimize Optical™ Software allows multiple users. You are also able to set admin users.

Yes! The reports system is very detailed.

Yes! The reports system allows for many different detailed reports.

We will have video demo’s available soon.

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