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About Optimize Optical™ Software

A system that enables the eye care professional to better present optical options to their patients.

Never before has a system been created that enables the eye care professional to determine the best process to present frame and lens options to their patients. Optimize Optical™ Software enables us to be able to not only present the best products to our patients but also to ensure that we are pricing our products in such a way to be able to ensure the best products and pricing to our patients. Optimize Optical™ Software will also create a system to ensure accuracy and consistency of patient billing as required by insurance plans utilized as well as ensuring that providers are charged and paid correctly by insurance plans.

Never before have providers been able to ensure that insurance companies are paying and charging them correctly. Finally a solution to patient needs and provider needs is available. With Optimize Optical™ Software, eye care providers will finally be able to focus on what matters most and leave the business in the hands of the program ensuring that the business will be able to provide for our patients long term.

At a Glance Reports

See real-time easy to read reports that allow you to show your patients the best solution.

Efficient Strategies

Fastest and most efficient strategies for providing our patients with solutions to their needs.

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